Most parents know, dressing a child in normal, everyday clothes can be a feat. With energy levels off the charts, and most likely no interest in participating in something as boring as getting dressed, it can be tough to wrangle them into their clothes.

Now, consider a swim cap--something slightly out of the ordinary with the potential of tugging at hair and irritating the scalp. Good luck, right?

There are a few simple, helpful tips you can follow to ensure your child’s swim cap goes on as quickly and pain-free as possible.

Start with water

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Stretchy silicone caps, like these, are comfortable once positioned correctly, but getting to that point, especially with dry hair, can be tricky.

Swim caps will go on with much less resistance if your child’s hair is wet from the start. Have them rinse off in the pool showers, or jump in the pool to wet their hair before applying the cap. If your child’s hair is prone to tangling, a small amount of conditioner can make combing the hair out later, after the cap is removed, much easier and less painful.

Also, be sure to avoid using elastic hair bands. The combination of the tension from both the hairband and the cap on your child’s scalp can make for an uncomfortable experience.

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Stretch it Out

Stretch the swim cap before placing it on your child’s head to make the process easier for both of you. Lace your fingers loosely together and place your hands into the cap, aligning the seam along your knuckles.

Gently stretch the cap outwards to create an opening wide enough for your child’s head. Have them stand in front of you and, if your child has longer hair, ask them to hold it in a loose bundle at the back of their head.

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Lower and Adjust

Once you’ve stretched out the cap and your child is standing in front of you, lower the cap onto their head. The cap will be low enough in the front once your pinky fingers hit their eyebrows. Carefully slide your hands down the sides of their head and out of the cap, making sure to not let the cap snap against their skin as you pull your hands out.

Swim caps made of 100% silicone will allow you to easily tuck in any loose strands of hair, and adjust the cap’s position on your child’s forehead and around their ears to ensure it stays on as they swim in the most comfortable way possible.

Removing the swim cap is even easier: hook your finger under the front seam, stretch the cap away from the scalp and lift. Again, silicone caps shouldn’t tug at your child’s hair as they are removed, unlike latex caps.

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Why Swim Caps?

On the fence about purchasing or dealing with swim caps for your child? Swim caps are useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Protect against the damaging effects chlorine, salt, and sun can have on your child’s hair, such as drying it out or causing tangles
  • Help keep goggles in place on your child’s head without the risk of snagging or pulling on their hair.
  • When competing, swim caps can reduce drag by containing your child’s hair and creating a more streamlined form.

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