We’ve all watched Michael Phelps bring home the gold in almost every race he swims. He didn’t become one of the greatest competitive swimmers of all time without a lot of hard work, however. And while Phelps has private coaches and probably the best training equipment money can buy, he, along with many other Olympic swimmers, use several swim accessories that the average swimmer could easily add to their own swim bag. Read on to see all the equipment you need to train like the Olympic swimmers.


Goggles are an essential piece of training equipment, and with so many brands and styles available in the market, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the choices. There are several key factors to consider when selecting a pair of goggles, including size, lenses, straps, and visibility. The BornToSwim Racers feature a window in the lens that extends to the sides of your eyes to offer more visibility, as well as four nosepieces for a true custom fit. All BornToSwim goggles, including the Freedom line, feature anti-fog coating on the lenses to enhance visibility.


While swim training equipment has advanced in recent years, the trusty kickboard is still a highly effective tool. When used correctly, kickboards can be a great tool in focusing on and improving a swimmer’s kick, working leg muscles as well as their core. Using a kickboard allows swimmers to rest their arms and shoulders, work on the hip position in the water, practice a breaststroke kick while maintaining ideal flotation, and tweak kick mechanics. This high-quality EVA foam board includes two cutout grips designed for better manipulation and holding.


Breath control is a major component of competitive swimming. It can take a lot of a swimmer’s concentration to keep a consistent breathing pattern while training, sometimes pulling the focus away from improving their stroke or tweaking technique. A frontal swimming snorkel allows a swimmer to breathe when they need without turning their head, keeping their focus on their stroke. Snorkels enhance drill sets, allow for underwater kick sets, and can even serve as a tool to improve the backstroke technique.

Pull Buoy

Pull buoys, when used correctly, can greatly benefit a swimmer during training. Used to isolate a swimmer’s arms to focus on the pull and arm training, pull buoys are placed between the legs, either at the thighs, knees, calves, or ankles. Pull buoys have many training benefits, helping swimmers to improve different aspects of their stroke, including proper body position in the water, better breath control, and improved arm mechanics. They can also help build upper body strength when isolating arms during workouts. BornToSwim pull buoys are made of EVA foam and come in a variety of color combinations.


Hand paddles are lightweight tools great for improving and tweaking technique. Paddles increase water resistance and keep a swimmer’s hands in place as they pull, helping to build muscle and increase speed. Hand paddles can be used in drill work to improve technique, and are an easy way to add variety to a workout. BornToSwim hand paddles feature an ergonomic shape and silicone, adjustable finger straps to promote proper hand placement while remaining comfortable.  


Swim fins are an essential training tool that can help swimmers to push harder during a workout. Fins help improve ankle flexibility and boost cardio, but they are especially helpful when swimmers need to focus on aspects of their arm movement. Fins will amplify the kick, allowing swimmers to spend less time concentrating on the kick and more time dedicated to the pull. The increased speed and propulsion achieved by using fins also reduces the number of strokes needed, essentially slowing down the stroke so a swimmer can zero in on technique. BornToSwim silicone, short-profile fins are great for streamlining a workout and feature an anti-skid grip for safety outside of the water on the pool deck.

Born To Swim offers swimmers the highest-quality training tools available. Click here to see what we have to offer today!