In open water swimming, safety is a top priority. Tides, wild animals, motorboats, and the absence of watchful lifeguards all pose risks in open water swimming that swimmers don’t have to worry about while lap-swimming in a pool.

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When training in open water, a safety buoy becomes a swimmer’s most vital piece of equipment—here’s why.

SaferSwimmer Buoys Offer Safety Features

As mentioned above, motorboats pose a threat to open water swimmers. While swimming, your head spends a majority of its time submerged in water. You won’t always be able to spot a motorboat as it approaches, and the boat driver will most likely have difficulty seeing you in the open water before getting too close. SaferSwimmer buoys are brightly-colored floating devices that follow along behind you on the surface of the water as you swim. Boats are much more likely to notice a bright orange buoy floating in the water than a swimmer’s head or body, which may be submerged or blend in with the water. If you have others tracking your swimming from the shore, the brightly-colored SaferSwimmer can help them follow your location.

In addition to providing visibility, the SaferSwimmer buoy can also serve as a flotation device. While not certified as an official life-saving piece of equipment, SaferSwimmer buoys can still help keep you afloat should you need to stop in the case of cramps, dizziness, injury, or simply if you just need to rest and catch your breath.  

SaferSwimmer Buoys Provide Waterproof Storage

In addition to the safety features, SaferSwimmer buoys can keep your personal items safe and dry while you swim. If you’re swimming alone and need to keep items like your car keys, wallet, and smartphone with you as you swim, or if you’re planning a one-way course, you can store them inside the buoy with the peace of mind that they will remain secure and dry.

The SaferSwimmer is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane and works similarly to dry bags used by canoers and hikers. Simply place anything you wish to keep safe inside the storage compartment, lay the ends of the bag neatly against each other, twist or fold the end of the bag a few times over, then fasten a buckle to prevent the folds from unrolling.

SaferSwimmer Buoys Keep You Safe Without Affecting Your Swim

Some swimmers are hesitant to use devices like the SaferSwimmer buoy, fearing they may affect their performance. On its own, the buoy does not cause you to swim slower due to its resistance behind your body. As you swim, your body creates a turbulent wave channel behind you, with water moving in the direction of your swim. This turbulent wave creates vortices, which in turn produce a low-pressure area behind you.

The SaferSwimmer buoy takes advantage of this water flow and moves in the direction of your swim on top of the wave with very little resistance, using a concept similar to when cyclists or swimmers draft behind each other in the open road or water races. While the buoy itself will create little to no resistance as you swim, you’ll want to be conscious of the items you choose to store in the dry compartment, as those items will begin to dictate any extra weight or resistance that may then start to affect your stroke and performance.

As you train for open water swims, the SaferSwimmer buoy will quickly become your most essential training tool. Offering safety features and storage capacity, you won’t want to hit the open water without it! Born To Swim offers an array of training gear, including the SaferSwimmer buoy. 

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