Believe it or not, there’s more to swimming than just a swimsuit, cap, and goggles. Take a look inside any swimmer’s bag, and you’ll see there are many more tools used to train in swimming than you might realize.

Want a sneak peek inside a swimmer’s bag? Or, if you’re a swimmer yourself, maybe you want to see what’s missing from your bag. Take a look!

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The Swimmers Bag

Most swimmers carry a bag made specifically for the sport. Of course, most of what swimmers toss into their bag is going to be wet from the pool, so swim bags are often made of water resistant materials. If you’re planning to pack some clothes and towels you wish to keep dry, a separate mesh cinch bag is especially helpful for toting all of your wet gear.

The Swimwear Attire

From swimsuits to swim caps, there are many different styles and purposes to consider in a swimmer’s “uniform,” and all can be found in a swimmer’s bag.


Most training swimsuits are made of materials meant to withstand all of the elements a swimmer encounters. Drag suits are often a commonly-found item within a swimmer’s bag. Typically made in mesh, drag suits are worn by swimmers during practices and training sessions over their training suits. This extra suit provides extra resistance to challenge swimmers during training.


Not necessarily something you wear, per se, towels are always a staple in a swim bag. Microfiber towels are our favorites because they’re made of quick-drying material, so swimmers can reuse them throughout workouts and competitions.

Swim Caps and Goggles

The most common of all swim gear: caps and goggles, are always present in a swimmer’s bag. Swim caps, used to hold back swimmers’ hair and make them more hydrodynamic in the pool, can come in many varieties. Latex, silicone, and Lycra are a few common swim cap materials, and benefit swimmers depending on the type of swimming they’ll be doing, and their comfort preferences.

Swim goggles help swimmers see underwater, but can also provide protection against the sun and reflections on the water. Some goggles, like all of the models offered by BornToSwim, feature an anti-fog coating on the lens to prevent goggles from fogging up due to varying water and air temperatures.

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The Swimmers Equipment

Swimmers use a variety of tools to aid their workouts and training sessions. Each piece of equipment generally helps a swimmer improve a specific part of their stroke or technique.

Kick Boards

Kick Boards, as the name suggests, are used to isolate a swimmer’s legs to focus on kick training. BornToSwim kickboards are made of EVA foam and come in a variety of color combinations.


Fins come in long and short styles, each helping swimmers to focus on different parts of their kick and body propulsion in the water. Fins can help strengthen and increase speed in a swimmer’s kick, and in the case of flutter and butterfly kicks, can help a swimmer focus on their hip propulsion.

Hand Paddles

Like fins, hand paddles are used to help swimmers strengthen their stroke. Hand paddles increase water resistance and keep a swimmer’s hands in place as they pull, which can help build muscle, increase speed, and improve technique. BornToSwim offers hand paddles that were designed by swimmers, for swimmers, and feature an ergonomic shape with adjustable straps.

Pull Buoys

Pull buoys are used to isolate a swimmer’s arms to focus on the pull and arm training. Without kicking, a swimmer’s legs would just sink to the bottom, not allowing forward motion. The pull buoy keeps the legs afloat while allowing the swimmer to focus solely on their arms. Pull buoys are placed between the legs, either at the thighs, knees, calves, or ankles. Many swimmers will pair pull buoys with hand paddles for practice sets.

The Swimmers Fuel

After a workout, or in between events at a meet or competition, it’s perfectly acceptable—even encouraged— for a swimmer to snack on a few healthy items to keep the energy flowing. You might find a few of these snacks in a swimmer’s bag:

  • Mixed nuts
  • Cereal bars
  • Assorted fresh or dried fruit
  • String cheese
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Raw vegetables

Those are the essentials! Take a peek in any swimmer’s bag and you’re bound to find some of all of these items along with a strong whiff of chlorine. Looking to add some gear to your bag?

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