For Kids
Every child should know how to swim. Teaching your kids to swim is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their children. We are here to make swimming for kids more fun and colorful experience. With our  BornToSwim® range of brightly colored swimming gear for kids, we hope to inspire the young to take the plunge to become better swimmers.
Junior Swim Goggles - WILD LEOPARD

€14.95 EUR €12.95 EUR

Junior Silicone Swim Cap - FISH

€7.95 EUR €5.67 EUR

23% OFF
Kids Swim Goggles - RAINBOW

€12.95 EUR €9.95 EUR

13% OFF
Junior Swim Goggles - WILD CAMOUFLAGE

€14.95 EUR €12.95 EUR

23% OFF
Children Swim Goggles

€9.95 EUR €7.67 EUR

Absorbent Swim Towel Chamois - DRY EXTRA

€14.95 EUR €9.95 EUR

17% OFF
BornToSwim® Microfiber Towel with Stripes

€17.95 EUR €14.93 EUR

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