The BornToSwim® Story

A Bright Idea At The Pool

It was a bright sunny day when we were catching up poolside, as a bunch of old friends and lifelong swimmers. Swimming was one of the only things we all had in common, with competitive experience ranging from high school and collegiate swim meets, to international competitions and the Olympic Games. As we sat together watching a new promising generation of swimmers in the pool, we started to talk about something every swimmer has experienced: high quality swimwear is boring, dark and anything but fun. Everyone in the pool that day was using different swim gear, training tools and accessories, but not one item stood out as fun or special. We began to wonder together, “Shouldn’t every part of swimming be fun, exciting and make you smile?”

For Swimmers, By Swimmers

Every member of our dynamic group of swimmers brought a different business talent to the team. Together, we spent months planning, researching and strategizing to create a brand of swim accessories that was as bright and fun as the sport is.

We sourced the highest quality materials and supervised their small-batch production. We wanted every team, no matter how small, to have the ability to customize their gear with fun colors and logos.

By 2015, we had created the brand of swimwear accessories we’d all been dreaming about, BornToSwim® .

Making A Splash

Today, BornToSwim® offers dozens of swim accessories in daring designs and bold, bright colors. Our online shop caters to swim teams, triathlon clubs or individual swimmers, of all skill levels, internationally.

Now swimmers have a brand they can feel proud of and rely on for high-quality, small batch swimwear accessories and gear, that are just as fun as swimming itself.

We work with our customers and teams of every size to design the custom gear they need, with bulk discounts that don’t require an order of 100 or more. We believe that no swimmer or team is too small to stand out by expressing themselves with a fun and splashy style.

One of the biggest priorities at BornToSwim will always be YOU, the swimmer, the triathlete, the parent, the swim runner or you, the occasional beachgoer. We heavily rely on your feedback, so your suggestions and feedback are highly regarded. Every customer helps the BornToSwim team in our relentless pursuit of swimming energy, colours, and innovation.  

Everyone is welcome to be a part of our journey by signing up for the BornToSwim® newsletter, or by emailing us at So take a plunge, drop us a line and you never know. We might surprise you.