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Have you ever been told that every time your hand enters the water during freestyle you put on the brakes? Meaning that your palm travels upward toward the surface of the water before it begins the initial phase of your stroke (the catch), unnecessary slowing down your swimming speed.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common mistakes, even many experienced swimmers make.

These BornToSwim® technique enhancing hand paddles were specifically designed to help fix this swimming flaw. They feature a tilted tip which will help to guide your hand downwards into the stroke, therefore making the initial phase of your stroke more effective and more importantly efficient.

The paddles also feature a small rise in the midsection which forms a comfortable cupped contour in the middle of your palm to mimic a proper hand posture. Which then allows you to relax your fingers and therefore get a better grip on the water.

Each paddle has a long tubing that can be adapted to any grip you’d like, but the recommendation from our side is to use only your middle finger attachment to maximally enhance the effectiveness of the paddle.

Pro Swim Tip: Turn the paddles around where the end of the paddle is facing forward. Wrap your fingers around the paddle (do not use straps) and go for a swim. Since the paddle extends further down your forearm, it will teach you to keep your wrist steady to have a more efficient stroke.

Product Details:

  • Colours: Orange (Small), Dark Blue (Medium), Turquoise (Large)
  • Tilted tip for a better hand entry position
  • Cupped palm bump for a more natural hand orientation
  • Adjustable finger and wrist strap
  • Material: Plastic body and silicone finger straps
  • Size: three different sizes (18x13cm, 20x15cm, 22x16cm)

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