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Going for a swim in a lake or a sea and struggling to find a safe place where to leave your belongings while you are gone?

This is not a problem anymore.

Meet your new best swimming buddy who will not let you down, will give you more confidence and will keep all your personal items dry and close at all times.

The BornToSwim® dry bag and safety float is not only for storing your items while you swim, but it also serves as a visibility marker for oncoming boat traffic or will help you when you need to take a rest while in the water.

And the best part? You will not even feel it behind you while you swim.

The dry space in this buoy will hold your normal sized towel, jogging or walking shoes, a t-shirt and some valuables such as car keys, wallet, phone etc. OR you can stick a digital SLR camera inside to keep it dry.

You do not need to be an avid triathlete or an open water swimmer to enjoy the benefits of the buoy. It also has great use while you are on your beach holiday and do not want to leave your valuables unattended on the shore.

Note: If you would like a buoy without the dry bag, please check the BornToSwim® Swimmer’s buoy instead.

Pro Swim Tip: Since the buoy floats on top of the water, you can track your swim distance with your favourite GPS device or a tracker mobile app. However, even though the bag is waterproof in its original state, it is highly recommended to have extra protection such as a Ziploc bag for your electronic equipment. You never know what can happen.

Product details:

  • Colours: orange, green, pink
  • The volume of the dry compartment: Large (12 Litres)
  • Size of the bag unfolded: 20 Litres (64×30 cm)
  • Adjustable waist belt (60 – 110 cm)
  • Easy to inflate/deflate valve
  • Hand strap to grab onto
  • Two point system for the lanyard to waist attachment
  • Movable rounded buckle system
  • Material: Nylon with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) coating
  • Weight: 350 grams

This is the original 360swim™ model buoy.

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64×30 cm

Swimming buoys

Float and bag with storage space


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