BornToSwim® Meshbag – Black/green


Velký vak na plavecké pomůcky BornToSwim® Mesh Bag je vyrobený z praktické síťoviny, která perfektně větrá a nezadržuje vodu.

Rozměry 62 x 50 cm, vnitřní kapsička na zip + zpevněné rohy.

Materiál je 100% polyesterová síťovina + kontrastní polyesterové šňůrky.

Barva vaku je černá a můžete si vybrat barvu loga – modré, růžové, zelené, bílé nebo oranžové BornToSwim®.

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Every sport has its set of essential gear which needs to be taken along to every training session.

Swimming is no different. The BornToSwim® Mesh Bag was designed to hold your kickboard, fins, pullbuoy, hand paddles, water bottle, front mounted snorkel and other swimming essentials that you might need during your workout.

It is made out of extremely durable, yet breathable mesh fabric and features a small zipper pocket for your locker key, ear plugs, nose clip or other smaller items which you would like easy access to.

This cinch bag also features reinforced bottom corners, so your backpack strings stay in place.

With all your swim gear in one place, the fast-drying mesh material is perfect for the poolside as well as for your wild swimming outdoor adventure.

Pro Swim Tip: Since the bag is made out of a mesh material water can pass through it thus making it a great piece of equipment for increased drag while training. Get two bags, and stick each foot into one, tighten the strings and you have resistance flippers which will work your legs like you have never seen before.

Product details:

  • Colours: blue, yellow, pink, green, black, orange (including Army and Military camouflage design – even in pink camo)
  • Interior zipper pocket (for locker keys or chip, nose plugs etc.)
  • Adjustable string straps
  • Reinforced corners and seams
  • Size: 62 x 50 cm
  • Volume: 20 L
  • Material: Synthetic mesh fabric
  • Weight: 250  grams

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