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There aren’t many cases of serious injuries due to swimming, however, thorough prevention is always a good idea.

If anybody ever mentioned that your back muscles are weak or if your back or shoulders hurt, then by reading this product description, you just made your first step toward a healthier body.

The second step is to choose the color and thickness of your exercise elastic band and add it to your shopping cart.

The third step is to set up an individual physio training plan and a list of useful strengthening exercises. For example, 10-15 minutes every morning (before you take your cold shower, right?) and 3 to 5 different movements with lots and lots of repetitions.

Remember, it is not about how much strength effort you put into this, but whether you perform the movement correctly and effectively. Many slow repetitions are your best friend.

In addition to gaining strength in the tiny muscles, you didn’t even know you had, these exercise bands are also a very efficient tool during stretching.

Our elastic physio strips are made out of a quality TPE material. They have a low resistance, therefore are suitable for younger swimmers as well as adults.


  • 150cm x 15cm with thicknesses 0.04 and 0.05mm

Product Details:

  • Colours: blue, pink, green
  • Dimensions: 150cm x 15cm
  • Thickness: 0.04 – 0.05 mm
  • Material: quality TPE

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0,04 mm


Strengthening rubbers


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