Finger Paddles BornToSwim® – Dark blue


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These paddles are just super cool and work like magic.

As the name indicates, the finger paddles should not cover any part of your palm.

They are attached to fingers only, therefore, causing you to work much harder to keep your fingers and wrists from collapsing during the stroke.  Consequently, effectively strengthening your forearm, so your front catch is much more stable.

Since the surface is small, these paddles are less likely to cause you a shoulder injury and will help you drive your stroke from the top of your fingers.

These paddles can be used in all four strokes, so feel free to go wild.

Pro Swim Tip: To make it a little bit tougher on yourself, instead of placing your middle finger through the finger straps, put your ring finger through them. This will cause a larger part of the paddle to stick out by your pinkie side, thus allowing your lat muscles to work accordingly. Give it a try and you’ll see it is actually the most effective way to swim with paddles.

Product Details:

  • Colours: dark blue paddles and turquoise straps
  • Rounded shape for security
  • Adjustable long strap
  • Material: Polyethylene paddle blades and silicone finger strap
  • Size: 15 x 10 cm (each paddle)

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Dark blue


15 x 8,5 m




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