Pocket Size Foldable Reusable Cup – Blue


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When you get cold after a healthy swim
a hot drink will surely come in handy.
So stop looking at your friends all grim
and pour yourself some hot tea and brandy.

Our BornToSwim® silicone collapsible cup is a good option for your classic Hot Toddy to keep you warm after your swim.  (If you are not sure what a Hot Toddy is, ask your Irish friend :)).

Now in all seriousness, this portable cup is foldable and fits into your pocket. More importantly, it is reusable, so no more unnecessary trash on the beach, right?

The small mug also has a lid to keep your hot drink from spilling out and a protective sleeve to shield your frozen fingers from the heat.

Product Details

  • Colours: black, pink, blue, orange, green
  • Fast extend and collapse system
  • Light fit for your pocket
  • Protection sleeve against a hot drink
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Volume: 355ml
  • Material: silicone with polypropylene cap and sleeve

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