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“When I first tested these goggles in the water, I could not believe how clear the vision was and how well the goggles fit my eye contour. Coming from the Swedish goggles era, I am always sceptical about new goggles, but these won me over. It sort of felt like I was able to see better with the goggles on than without them. Weird, I know. Ultimately, the mirrored surface kept the sun away during my open water swims and yet it did not feel too dark while ploughing back and forth indoors.” – Leo, the friendly shark

Even though these BornToSwim® Elite goggles are meant for high-performance racing, they can very well be utilized during your long swim workouts. Due to the comfortable fit, they are an excellent choice for both.

Your eyes will be thankful for the soft 3D seal which helps reduce the pressure of the gasket. They have a fairly low profile to help reduce drag, have 4 different nose piece sizes to choose from and soft extended side arms to increase the fit.

If you swim a lot in sunny areas where there is the ever-present glare from the surface of the water, the pink and green colour goggles will be a huge win for you. The mirror coating of the lens helps reflect the sun rays, thus reducing the strain on your eyes.

The white-blue variant goggle is meant for indoor swimming.

Pro Swim Tip: Mirrored goggles, in general, are very easily susceptible to lens scratches that remove the mirrored coating. It is highly recommended to keep your goggles in a protective casing while not in use.

Product Details:

  • Colours: pink, green, white
  • Pink and Green – Mirrored lenses to keep the sun out
  • White – lenses made for indoor swimming
  • 3D seal cushion for the ultimate comfort
  • Anti-fog coating for enhanced visuals
  • UV protection lens
  • Double head strap for a secure grip
  • 4 nose pieces for a personalized fit
  • Low profile frame to reduce drag
  • Protective casing to keep the lenses scratch free

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