Resistance Bands with Paddles (for Swimmers and Triathletes) – Blue


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The BornToSwim® Resistance Cords will be there for you when the water is not :).

These bands can be used anytime you feel like working your swimming muscles, but have no access to your pool while still improving your technique.

The beauty of these bands is in the way the motion mimics your actual swimming pull, so you focus your energy and effort on the right muscle groups which are used in the water.

Our stretch cords come in three different tension levels: easy (yellow), medium (red), hard (blue).

Which Colour To Choose?

For juniors, beginner swimmers, and triathletes we recommend yellow. In other words, if your swimming technique needs a lot of work, get yellow and then upgrade as your skills progress. If you are already a bit more advanced with your technique, the red colour will suffice. After you become more efficient in the water, get the blue to further strengthen your pulling muscles.

Pro Tip: Next time you are off to your favourite vacation spot without a large swimming pool to train in, just grab these stretch bands and give them a go for a few minutes a day. Focus on an arm pull with a high elbow position and pay attention that your upper body does not rock up and down while you pull. Keep the motion only in your arms and shoulders. You will see your strength increase in no time.

Remember, it is not about how strong you pull, but how well your pulling technique looks and many many many repetitions.

Product Details:

  • Colours and Tension: yellow (easy), red (medium), blue (hard)
  • Hand paddle ends for better grip
  • Strong loop to attach to a pole or by your door handle
  • Useful mesh carry bag is included
  • Paddle dimensions: 13 x 15 cm
  • Length of the cord: 125 cm
  • The diameter of the cord: yellow (9.5mm), red (12mm), blue (13mm)
  • Material:  latex cords, PVC paddles, and thick textile loop

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