Silicone Swim Cap black – CLASSIC – Orange


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Orange is the new black?

I don’t think so.

Black is definitely back.

Our black BornToSwim® silicone swim caps with colorful shark logo are here to stay.

They will feel comfortable, snug, and sexy.

Made out of tear-resistant 100% smooth silicone in a universal size.

Get one now and show the world you were born to swim.

Pro Swim Tip: You do not necessarily need to wear a swim hat at all times. If you have short hair and swim indoors, there is no reason for you to wear a swim hat every time you go swimming. It is actually better if, for most of your swim workouts, you do not wear one. This way, you will feel the water flow better and be more tuned in to your body’s position.

Product Details:

  • Colours: black with white, gold, silver, turquoise, pink, green, yellow and blue Born To Swim logo
  • Universal Fit
  • Size: 23 x 22 cm
  • Material: 100% Silicone

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