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Like the Manta Ray cruising the wide-open seas, our Manta paddles will help you maintain and improve your swim speed.

The paddles have a flat design to put more pressure on the water making you stronger and stronger.

The surface of the paddle has plenty of perforation to let the water through, helping your hand receptors to feel the water.

You can also play around with different finger tubing positions and eventually get rid of the wrist straps (they are just for beginners).

Our Manta paddles come in three sizes and are distinguishable by the strap colors:

  • Small with pink straps – a good choice for beginners or kids
  • Medium with orange straps – a nice addition to a triathlete’s swim kit arsenal
  • Large with turquoise straps – if your swim technique is good enough, why not give these a shot to move up the speed train

Pro Swim Tip: What if you switch the paddles? Slip the left paddle on your right hand and the right paddle on your left hand. This will cause a bigger part o the paddle to be on the outside of your pinky which will cause you to work a bit harder with your lats (latissimus dorsi muscles) to work a bit harder. And you know by now (or you should know) that those muscles are important in swimming.

Product Details:

  • Colours: Black with pink (Small), orange (Medium), and turquoise (Large) straps
  • Flat broad shape for the ultimate power stroke
  • Perforated design to allow water flow for a better feeling
  • Adjustable finger and wrist strap
  • Material: Plastic body and silicone finger straps
  • Size: three different sizes (17.5×14.5 cm, 20.5×17.5 cm, 24.5×20.5 cm)

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Small (pink), Medium (orange), Large (turquoise), Set (all 3 sizes)




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