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Imagine being run over by a boat or having a cramp with 100s of meters away from shore while you thought you will have an enjoyable swim. Not fun at all isn’t it. Swimming in the open water can be unpredictable, therefore, having an extra safety element in terms of the tow buoy is always recommended to help minimize the risks.

The BornToSwim® Swimmers Tow Buoy is a lightweight tow float and was developed to help open water swimmers and triathletes be visible to boaters, jet skis and other water traffic as well as to allow for an occasional rest. It is used by thousands of avid swimmers worldwide and many swimming events now require it for all their participants, because it can just save a life.

The buoy has a twist on/off valve through which you can inflate it as well as a comfortable ergonomic grab handle for a better grip while you rest in the water or while you are carrying it during your swim run training. It features an extra long waist belt spanning from 70 to 130 cm waist measurement.

Note: This safety buoy has no dry bag, so if you are in need of a buoy with a dry pouch, please check the BornToSwim® SaferSwimmer™.

Pro Swim Tip: The best position for resting with the buoy is floating on your back while you hug the buoy to your chest. Let the water do most of the lifting and keep as much of your body submerged as possible.

Product details:

  • Colours: orange, pink and neon green
  • No dry compartment
  • Adjustable waist belt (70-130cm)
  • Easy to inflate/deflate valve
  • Sturdy and comfortable handle
  • Size: 28×49 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 220 grams

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28×49 cm

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