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If you train for a swimrun event or spend a lot of time outdoors, you definitely need to consider this bag for your arsenal.

Carrying your kit while running, hiking, or cycling to and from your favourite swimming spot could be slightly challenging, especially if you do not want to leave anything behind at the shore during your water excursion and you need nutrition or your first-aid kit while on the run.

The all in one BornToSwim® Backpack Buoy is an instant solution to the problem at hand.

Keep it simple, one bag, many uses, happy outdoor enthusiast.

With the detachable backpack straps, you can use it as a large enough backpack to transport your kit while on the dry land.

Take the straps away and voila, it is a dry bag and a safety buoy ready to keep you safer during your swim.

This swimrunner’s backpack is made out of highly durable material to withstand the rugged trail running terrain you frequently encounter during swimrun training, however, light enough (only 600 grams – backpack straps included) to not hinder your agility.

It features a robust double screw valve which allows for deflation of the bag in a record time, so your transition time will not take a big hit. Furthermore, the valve is quite heavy-duty, so it will not get damaged easily or caught on a branch.

The dry compartment in the backpack is able to carry your normal sized towel, jogging or walking shoes, first aid kit, nutrition, t-shirt, and some valuables such as car keys, wallet, phone etc. OR you can stick a digital SLR camera inside to keep it dry.

The opening is even large enough to take your biking helmet for a swim.

The leash on the buoy is attached with a small carabiner which can be easily detached and hooked to an elastic cord in between you and your swimrun partner. So, there is really no need for a special swim run belt.

Pro Swim Tip: Murphy’s law states that things are bound to get awry at any given situation if there is a chance they might go wrong. So, in terms of swimming with a dry bag, even though waterproof by design, it is highly recommended to place any electronics (phones, car keys etc.) into an extra Ziploc bag or another watertight compartment. You never know what can happen.

Product details:

  • Colours: orange
  • Dry compartment volume: 15L
  • Full bag size: 20L (35 x 70 cm)
  • Backpack mode and Dry Bag mode
  • Adjustable waist belt length: 60 – 120 cm
  • Detachable backpack straps length: 70 – 90 cm
  • Across the chest strap to keep the backpack in place
  • Waist to buoy attachment lanyard length: 30 – 45 cm
  • Mini carabiner
  • Wide quick inflate and deflate valve
  • Extra strong edges
  • Material: 190T Nylon with PVC coating
  • Weight: 600 grams

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35×70 cm

Swimming buoys

Float and bag with storage space


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